About Us

An Oasis Of Living Truth

"A Center of Freedom" is a spiritual Center located in Martinez, California. Our Center is dedicated to the Prayer of St. Francis, which is about devoting one's life in faith, surrender, and love to the Principles of True Christ-centered living.

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Our Mission

The Center's main mission is to create an outer atmosphere that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually supportive for healing and the inner work of receiving the experience of the Indwelling Presence.

When one experiences and becomes changed by the presence of God in their lives, their lives would naturally reflect the unlimited light and love of that Presence.

People dedicated to doing God's bidding can testify that "the quiet mind" is the perfect state for a life of love and service. As love and service becomes one's intent, the way is opened and thus demonstrated.

Our Founder and Director

Linda Gallagher is the founder and director for a Center of Freedom. She started the Center as a result of the presence of God in her life. It inspired her to do something that would help people find their way to the Christ and experience its Presence.

She always says that our Center is "the ministry of Christ, not our ministry. All who are led here have been called to Christ. Everyone who comes here is not dependent upon each other but is sharing God's Abundant Grace with each other. God's Grace is the one that governs, maintains, sustains, protects, and prospers this, His Mighty Ministry".

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How We Started

Our Center first started in Pleasant Hill, California in 1990. As it grew, our first Center became too small to accommodate all of the people that came for nurturing.

From a Barren Desert to a Beautiful Paradise

We had no choice but to move to a different location. The place we found was a two-and-a-half acre of barren land with nothing growing.

It didn't appear to be an ideal place to start a spiritual Center, but it was where God led us. The message He gave us was "Feed My Sheep," and so we worked hard to beautify the place and transform it into a beautiful oasis.

There are now more than 700 trees in our Center. Our Center also now has a lot of vines, bushes, fruit orchards, flower gardens, a koi pond, fountains, and 5 cabins for meditation and rest. We have also become a certified wildlife sanctuary. A lot of birds, bees, butterflies, and animals now live in our Center. 

Our Center is Always Ready to Welcome You

Our Center is always open and available. When you visit us, you will find that a lot of people flock to our place to meditate and reflect. Many devotees meditate at various times, all week long, in one of the cabins.

There are also others that visit to check out the different items we offer in our bookstore. While some just want to take a breather and walk around to find peace of mind away from the city's bustling streets.


People that come to our Center are not charged with anything because we are a not-for-profit spiritual Center. So, we are incredibly grateful to people that give love offerings and donations to our Center.

We have come to recognize the trueness of the principle that is "through giving that we receive." Therefore, as everyone gives for the true purpose of the "whole", everyone benefits.

Amenities of Our Center

Our Center has five cabins that serve as rooms for visitors and meditation areas. We also have a main building for prayer, meditation, devotional singing, and other services.

Join Our Gatherings

We have a weekly schedule for activities that anyone can join. The activities include various workshops and retreats throughout the year.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Take the first step in achieving physical and spiritual healing. Reach out to us today to learn more about our current schedule. We hope to hear from you soon!