A painting of a lighthouse with the words " distant lighthouses ".

Linda Gallagher is the author of the charming tale “The Distant Lighthouse”. This story is a metaphor for all of our lives. It is noted that as each of us lives this life there is a tendency to lose sight of the value and meaning of our existence. This story demonstrates that each of us has a reason for being here. But when we come up against obstacles oftentimes we succumb to the challenges forgetting that there is a strength, power, and light within all. And as we awaken to that fact we rediscover ourselves once again being ‘on purpose’ and experiencing the true joy of living. This tale has come forth as a result of Linda’s life experience.

About the Author

Linda Gallagher has been inspiring and cheering many folks to turn in the direction of the indwelling light within their hearts for the past forty-six years. She has been the director of a spiritual and musical Center in Martinez, California, since 1990. Her own recovery from addiction in 1976 propelled her to serve and assist others to break the bondage of any self-destructive behavior.

Linda's life experiences, including the sudden death of her beloved musical partner and husband and the meeting of Sathya Sai Baba in India, set the stage and road where she found the ultimate solution to one's true joy and fulfillment in life. And that solution is selfless Love.

A woman holding up a cup with the words " who am i really ?" on it.