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There's a Stream of Love
Come to the Waters
Come to the Waters

If you need some healin'
Here's how to begin:
1st, you must put all of your
Then, wade on in...
If you're constantly thirsty
And the world leaves you
Unsatisfied, KNOW that in all
Those places you've been Seekin',
There's one place you
Might not have tried...
It's been said that LOVE will
Cast out everything not of
Itself, if you will push aside
All you're afraid of, reach up
Take LOVE off the shelf...
There's a Stream of Love
Come to the Waters
Come to the Waters...

The message of this writing is about the Generosity of Spirit living within all of Life as "A Water", A Living Water or Reality that, without Its Unlimited pouring of ItSelf into our hearts and minds and bodies, we would be as dry twigs disconnected and discarded from The Source.
Jesus referred to the Living Water at the well when conversing with a woman. He said to her that if she would simply turn to Him, a Fountain of Life within herSelf, she would discontinue seeking the world for "A Something" to nurture and supply her with her needs.
She would find this Something by seeking It within and would no longer thirst for the pleasures and ways of the world but rather would live abundantly and richly from a Wellspring of Good that is internal and Eternal.
We are here in the world to manifest The Truth of Life....The Glory of God's Abundant Life...the Bounty and Beauty that is everywhere waiting to express from the Invisible to the visible.
As we turn to the Indwelling Water through receptive prayer, meditation, and devotional music, through study and contemplation of the Ways of the Spirit, through selfless service and spiritual gatherings of "2 or more" we are delivered from worry, doubt and fear...from self-centeredness/selfishness... that stands in the way of the True Joy of Living.
As the song asks: "Are you needing some healin'....are you dissatisfied" with the way your life is going, then turn to The One, The Only Presence and Power that has True Existence...


If this Truth Is actually True, WHAT IS THE LOVE that answers any problem… that Is The Solution to every circumstance, The Healer of all dis-ease and conflict?
WHAT IS LOVE? Well, there have been many great Beings that have exhibited and taught the Lesson of Love by their thoughts, words, and actions…their SILENCE. This Love that Is The Answer, The Way, and The Absolute Truth Is our very own Nature.
This Love Is A Presence... A Perfection… A Light… A Purity… A Life Force that Knows The Way and Is The Way…It Is Always A Presence of comfort, understanding, service, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, availability…" selflessness,"…A Presence that knows that Its Strength and Perseverance dissolve any and everything not of ItSelf…
This Love that Is The Answer pours ItSelf forth without any calculation or manipulation of the externals…IT LIVES TO GIVE of ItSelf as a river that simply flows to Its Source. This Love Is like That! This Love Is A Nowness. There is no similarity between yesterday and tomorrow with This Love.
It can never be captured or entombed…It Is a Freedom…A Kingdom or Reality that cannot be compared to anything based on human reasoning. It Is a Breadth of The Divine ItSelf that wherever It Is acknowledged, It becomes evident and tangible. Wherever It Is received, It leaves Its MARK of PERFECTION!
Love Is The Answer to all of our relationships, for This Love works at Its Highest when allowed to enter into the hearts of those who have been brought together to receive and give of It. This Great Love does Its most beautiful work in those who know that unity, not diversity is Its Presence, for It shows the "likenesses rather than the differences".
Love Is Our Very Own Self expressing, pouring, and sharing. It is in and through the Activity of Giving forth that It discovers that It IS and always has been……GOD!

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A wooden sign with the words " arise awake ! freedom is at hand ".

Abide in The Word and let the Word abide in you.

Most of us recognize the above from the messages of Jesus Christ...We give this to all of us today as a Truth-Reminder that The Word of God is continually uttering Its Voice in the depths of our consciousness.
If we take the time to pause often during the given hours of the day to LISTEN for these Inspirations and Impartations, we will find our lives truly being governed and prompted by a Higher Power...A Presence that Is All-Loving, Ever-Strengthening...Abundant and Limitless in all ways.
This Truth-Reminder will be an ongoing sharing here at a Center of Freedom.
This is one of many, and you will find them in the Center bookstore.
As we gather together in The Silence of our Being, may we always know that "MY LIGHT NEVER DIMS" matter the appearances that may confront us on any given day...personally or globally...we can hold to The Truth that GOD IS LOVE and that The Power of Love is our True Freedom.
May The Peace of God abound in us all now and forevermore...